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Fix a wobbly bookcase

Posted by on May 19, 2012 at 9:00 PM


Add the side panels

Cut two 290 x 19mm pine panels. Unscrew the legs and move them outwards to be refixed with oversized coach screws through the holes in the legs. Secure the pine panels to the legs and cross supports using 40mm x 8g timber screws.


Secure cork tiles

Attach three cork tiles to each pine panel, using a utility knife to cut them to fit, marking the setout with equal spacing all around. Apply adhesive to the panel and back of the cork and press into place.


Add a cross brace

On the inside of the back legs, mark 200mm from the top and base, measuring between the marks diagonally to cut two lengths of 6mm mild steel rod. Flatten the ends and the crossover point with a hammer. Heating the ends of the rod with a blowtorch to cherry-red will make them more malleable. drill clearance holes then secure with 15mm x 8g buttonhead screws.

TIP Use an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc to cut the steel rod, clamping it in a vice for a firm grip.

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