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How to secure new handles on a cabinet

Posted by on June 3, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Choose slimline handles when installing cabinetry as they don’t work loose over time. Buy a handle template or make a jig to drill accurate holes. TIP Handles come with machine screws that are usually longer than required. Measure the door thickness plus 3mm then clamp the screw in a vice and use a hacksaw to cut it to length.



On the back of the door apply two strips of tape where the holes will be drilled to prevent melamine breakout as the drill bit exits.


Position the jig and use a 2mm bit to drill pilot holes. Remove the jig and use a 5mm bit to drill out the holes.

TIP Drilling oversized holes allows a small amount of screw movement to engage the screw thread.


Remove burrs from the end of the screw thread with a metal file then push the screw through the door from inside and wind it into the handle. Repeat for the other screw then secure the handle against the door.

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