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Orange Oils- Furniture Polish & Restorer

Posted by on July 3, 2013 at 8:40 AM

All Surfaces – Indoor and Outdoor

Safe to use on most hard surfaces – not just timber. Use to polish laminated tables and bench tops, stone and marble surfaces, cutting boards or wooden bowls etc. Use on sealed or unsealed wooden furniture, outdoor settings, timber doors and window frames, timber blinds, veneered, plastic or lacquered surfaces.


Before applying furniture polish to particularly dirty surfaces (such as outdoor furniture) clean with damp cloth . Shake bottle well and then apply Orange Oils in small amounts and don’t drown the surface. Work in small sections rather than large areas, and apply in a circular pattern with your ‘wet’ cloth. Buff off Orange Oils after applying (especially on floors and other surfaces that could be slippery) with a dry, lint free ‘buffing’ cloth, the more you buff the better the shine! Follow the direction of the grain on fine furniture.


Many furniture polishes boast orange oil as an ingredient. This is because orange oil helps to polish and shine finished wood to give it back some of the natural luster that is lost over time and use. To use orange oil directly on wood, make your own furniture polish by combining regular water with three drops of orange oil, and spraying on a microfiber cloth to polish furniture to a high shine.


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